Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Well, We just took Patrick to the airport and he is off! He is happy and ready... it has been a long 5 months. He has watched all of his buddies move on to their various schools and life adventures and he has been patiently waiting for his time to go. Last night he got to talk to all of his best friends over the internet and it was fun to see him laugh his guts out! Lasting friendships! By the time we got all the bags situated and talked to family and went to bed it seemed the lights were back on and we were headed out the door at 5 am. When we got to the airport the guy at Delta said "You are the second person I have checked in this morning that is going to Manila, and he was dressed like you." So we inquired a bit more and, yes, he is a missionary from Boise going to Manila today! Crazy! They will travel the whole way together. I can stop worrying a bit. And right next to us was a family with a son going to Peru. I love the church! I gave his mom a hug. I think saying goodbye is hardest on the mom because, personally speaking, your child's mission started long ago. You try to help him along his way and when he makes the decision to go on a mission your mission begins. You set all the appointments for EVERYTHING under the sun and start making lists and go through the book and check all the boxes and go to the store 50 times for last minute stuff and talk to other moms about what your kid needs for a far away country... and on, and on, and on. And I wouldn't change a thing! I love you Elder Patrick Krueger! You are going to have the time of your life!

I am going to update this blog every week with the letters and pictures that Patrick sends us. I will post some from his farewell here soon. Right now I am going to have a good cry and get some sleep! Deep breath!

Susan Krueger

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