Sunday, January 12, 2014

I'm Doing This!

This week was actually really good! We met a lot of our goals this week with teaching lessons and everything and my absorption of Tagalog seems to be accelerating finally! I was actually able to talk to people at church without Elder Ehlert and have some real conversations! That was when I was seriously just like, "Ya, I am TOTALLY doing this!" Such a great feeling! 

We have some prospective investigators this coming Saturday! Elder Ehlert and I were dropping off our rent at our landlord's house and he just invited us inside and was like, "Sit down! Teach these girls the ten commandments!" And so we did. It was probably the weirdest lesson that I have taught thus far because it wasn't even our lesson. He would pick when we moved on to the next commandment and he would do most of the teaching. He was a hilarious guy though, so it was all good. But then the weird part is is that he asked us, or rather told us that we are teaching about Job this coming Saturday. But, the thing is, is that we are teaching like 20 people all at once. I don't even know like how this happened. Haha We have SO many opportunities just handed to us on silver platters. So that was really cool and weird. 

We also got invited to a fashion shoot by one of our more wealthy investigators. We didn't actually end up going, but it was just so weird that we would even be invited. There's another shoot this Friday that he might invite us to though, so we'll see about that. Nothing else really all too exciting. 

We are doing good here in the Philippines. People are coming to church and we are starting to finally get people reading the Book of Mormon. I love seeing these people progress and just become so happy. I'm so happy that I get to be here as a missionary and I really wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

 I love you all and more next week.

Elder Krueger

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