Sunday, January 26, 2014

Feeling Good!

This week was SO much better than last week! We have had some of the best numbers we've had in the past 2 and a half months! Everyone is doing great that we are teaching and I'm back to my regular old self again. One really cool experience is just meeting this OYM  (open your mouth) that was completely 100% prepared for us. He just agreed with whatever we said because he just thought that it made SO much sense to him! It is just awesome seeing how these people that are put in our path have been prepared to hear this exact message that we have to give them. I love that. 

We also talked to this other SUPER drunk guy one day right before we went into one of our lessons. He kept on giving us high fives after everything he said and was asking the strangest questions. We finally said bye to him and walked into our appointment's house, who was Sonny Q... and this drunk guy followed us inside.. Elder Ehlert and I had like no idea what to do as did Sonny Q and his daughter, Sherine. We all just sorta sat there awkwardly just laughing while this drunk guy went off for the next 15 minutes. We were all crying we were laughing so hard. This drunk guy kept on asking how an African American was President of the United States because he thinks that only white people live in America haha I just lost it when I heard that! We finally got him to quiet down and we taught our lesson. It was just so awkward with this random guy that nobody knew just sitting in. Funny experience though! 

Speaking of Sherine, she is our favorite investigator over here! She just has such a strong want to share this message with EVERYONE and has given us like 7 referrals already! She's awesome! She also comes with us to all those lessons that she referred us to and her testimony is just like rock solid. Her husband is just as cool. He's a soft spoken guy, but he is just the nicest person you'll ever meet. I just love that whole family! But ya, this week has been good. 

I don't think you guys back home would recognize me anymore though. Not that I've changed physically but ya. To put it simply; I do the dishes now. Just because they're dirty. And yes, that means EVEN the pots and pans! Crazy, I know. I also cook now, and clean, and organize. I'm basically like Patrick except I don't really procrastinate now. Okay... I still procrastinate... I've needed to do laundry for the past like 4 days.. But I'm getting better! You'd be proud! I also take the lead in a lot of the lessons we teach now. Why, just yesterday Elder Ehlert and I went on splits with our ward missionaries. I basically taught all of our lessons. I felt awesome!  Haha I even threw in a few jokes! It was great! My Tagalog is getting way better. People can't believe that I've only been in the field for 2 1/2 months, so that's a good sign. I can't wait until I'm better though! I need to get there soon. It's killing me that I still can't say all that I want, but all in due time. 

I love it here though. Everything is still just so.. different. I wish every one of you back home could just be here even for a day and experience this world! 

I love you all and more next week.

Elder Krueger

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