Sunday, February 2, 2014

Almost done... with training!!

We haven't seen any pictures from Patrick since Christmas and he said it takes forever for them to download so he is going to send home his SD card. Can't wait to see them!!

Well, Just one more week and I am done with training! Finally! It actually feels like it's been no time at all and I feel way unprepared haha but life moves on and now I will be a total complete 120% missionary! So excited for that! 

So, I have quite a bit of stuff to get through today. Last week on PDay we got a bunch of good food from the mall. I got cream cheese and that is like the best tasting thing ever! I have it on toast all the time and I feel like crying every time. So good. We also got a bunch of cake and ice cream to celebrate Elder Ehlert's one year mark in the mission! WOO! It's insane that he's been out a year already! That's gonna be me pretty soon actually. Just blows my mind every time. So ya, that all happened. This next thing is pretty crazy though. We have thought for the past 3 months that there has been a rat living in our ceiling, but then one day I heard the soft mewing of kittens. I thought I was going crazy, but then I looked up and realized that it was kittens in our ceiling! We took out one of our light fixtures and pushed our cameras through and eventually caught sight of these 5 kittens that are living in our ceiling! They are just the cutest tiniest things you have ever seen! We just left them there because we don't really know what to do about them.. but ya. We have kittens in our ceiling. Speaking of small animals, our bishop also has these 7 TINY puppies at his house! They are just so great! They don't know how to grip on concrete yet and they were all just slipping around. They seriously just looked like tiny little balls of fur. So cute. Also, on our way over to his house, we saw a pig being slaughtered. I'm not sure if anyone has ever heard the sounds a pig makes as it is being slaughtered, but it is not pretty. You just know that that pig knows that it is going to die. Just horrible squealing and then silence.. ugh.. There's a lot of that here though. Why, just the other day we saw a guy with half a pig just slung over his shoulder. Like literally exactly half of a pig. It still had one ear and half of the head and the tail was still on. Just exactly half of a pig! Crazy! 

Elder Ehlert and I also got these electrical massage device things from one of our investigators! They are like WAY sketchy and we use them all the time now. You attach these two gelatin pads to anywhere you really want and just turn it on. It has a few different settings and strengths and stuff. It's just super sketchy because it looks like some sort of torture device and, since all it does is shoot electricity into your muscles, you often times lose control of your muscles. I always put it on my shoulders and it just makes it look like I'm shrugging like crazy. My shoulders are just up and down and up and down. It is the funniest thing in the world! I wish you guys could see it! I also found a butterfly knife in the apartment and I can now do a bunch of tricks with it now. A great way to pass the time! Just gotta be careful not to get cut too bad. It's crazy how many times I've already cut myself with my pocket knives. I think I'm up to at least like 6 or 7 haha Nothing all too bad though! Don't worry! He cracks me up! I love that he is still Patrick!! "Don't worry mom, sketchy elecricity and knives! I am having fun!" 

Now onto some more "missionary" experience type of things. There is this one grandma that we teach named Clarita. We are teaching her because she was a referral from one of her daughters and, let me tell you, she was prepared for this gospel. She came to church once and instantly wanted to be baptized. She said that she had a dream and had seen our church in that dream. She said that she saw the two pillars on either side of the door and instantly recognized it as the building from her dream. How crazy is that!? She just instantly knew that this is where she needed to be and wants to be baptized like as soon as possible! And then a cockroach dropped from the ceiling right onto my shoulder.. Sorta killed the mood.. I kinda freaked out haha But anyways, I though that that was just sweet! 

We also had to OYM (open your mouth) one day, and I HATE OYMing... It's just so awkward when I still don't know too much of the language to just walk up to someone and start talking to them. But the Lord really is funny in how he gets you to act. Elder Ehlert and I were arguing about who would do the next OYM because neither of us wanted to do it, and then some guy just walked up to us and said, "Do you have a pamphlet I can read?" Like this guy just totally OYM'd himself! He was way drunk and was smoking, but he wanted the gospel. He apologized for being drunk and for smoking and just said that he wanted to change. Then he was like, "Thursday at 7 come to my house and teach me." And it just so happens that our only free time on Thursday is at 7, so we are definitely going back to that guy. Just got to love those missionary experiences! 

Well, that's about it. Nothing else really especially exciting happened this week. I love being here and in 6 weeks I will be one fourth of the way done with my mission. THAT is crazy! I'm so grateful for everyone back at home who continues to support me week by week and I'm so grateful that I can have this opportunity to be a missionary. 

I love you all!
Elder Krueger

*I thought I would let everyone know that they are opening up the Tacloban mission again (the one they closed after the horrible Typhoon) and all the missionaries are slowly returning. One of the Elders from Patrick's apt. is heading back on Tuesday. The stories will be amazing coming from this hard hit area.

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