Monday, February 10, 2014

Finally Done with Training!

Well, it's done now. Training is over. We have transfers tomorrow and Elder Ehlert is leaving. I get a new companion named Elder Oana (pronounced Oh-ah-nyuh). He's a Filipino dude, so that'll be cool to have a Filipino companion! I'm going to be the only American in the apartment now. All Filipinos. I'm gonna be learning Tagalog fast! haha 

This past week has been good. We had a baptism this week!! WOO! That was way cool! I was the one who got to baptize her too. "Her" is one of our investigators named Eva. She is just way nice! Has 4 kids and is married to another Recent Convert. Just a really nice family. Elder Juario and I also sang a duet of "Brightly Beams" and I sang the tenor part. Sounded WAY good!! Like even Elder Ehlert, who had heard us practice for like EVER, said that it sounded incredible. That was fun! 

Another exciting thing this week- those cats that were in our ceiling? They abandoned one kitten and just left it there in the ceiling. I finally just reached my hand up into the little hole in the ceiling and felt around until I grabbed it and pulled it out. We had no idea what to do with it so we just left it in a box behind our house... It's gone now. Not really sure what happened to it, but it's probably living happily in cat heaven now! 

I also tried chicken feet last night. Made me feel sorta really sick! Haha Just sucking off the meat from the toes of a chicken.. Fun.. It was in this soup stuff and it was way alarming to just be eating your soup and then pull out an entire chicken foot. But that's what you get over here! Yummy. 

The teaching is coming along as well. I'm starting to know enough Tagalog that I can actually share personal experiences during lessons and stuff. It's exciting! It wouldn't be so bad if the grammar wasn't super weird! Just takes a while to get used to the word order and how the verbs change and conjugate and stuff. All in all, stuff is going good here. 

Sorry if this email is a bit shorter.  But I'm happy and still alive! I love you all and more next week!

Elder Krueger

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