Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Changing Things Up

Eating lunch at a members house before Ehlert left
Being silly!!

Sorry if this is a short one. I've been up since 3 am and I got like one hour of sleep last night.. I was just sweating my butt off all night long! 

This past week has been good though. Elder Oana and I get along well!  I just speak to him in Tagalog and he speaks to me in English.  We have had quite a few good laughs together, especially with the ninja stuff from my birthday package. (I sent him Ninja Nerf blow darts and face masks. I know my boy!) We may have had a war with all of those blow dart things.. So much fun!

 Nothing of the work here has really stood out this week. We have just been continuing to drop people and find new people to teach. It's slow going though. Our numbers have definitely taken a fall. But it's all for the better! Really the highlight of this week was my surprise birthday part from all the ward missionaries! That was a ton of fun and it was just great seeing everyone and just having some good laughs. I also finally wore through the pads on the inside of my shoes! They are looking WAY worn! Like the heels are completely worn down and sorta lopsided. They look hilarious! Then I guess the only other thing is just that on Saturday we had a "mini MTC" at the church. It was just an MTC experience for all of the primary kids. Each of the 4 Elders got a district and we taught them a little bit and did some practice teaching. It was way fun! I loved doing that. All of the kids are just so awesome in this ward.

 But ya. that's about it for this week. Sorry! Not all too exciting. Haha 
Love you all and more next week.
Elder Krueger

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