Sunday, February 16, 2014

Leading the Area

One of the girls in Patrick's zone took this picture and her mom posted it, thank heavens!
This must me Patrick's new companion next to him with the black shirt.

Ya. So this is happening. Leading the area. It's really not TOO bad, I just have now realized how much Elder Ehlert did for the area. I really like Elder Oana though. He is a way cool (and a way short) guy! We have had some good laughs thus far. It was weird saying bye to Elder Ehlert though. Just like "Well, see ya," and he got in a taxi and left. Then Elder Oana came the next day and the work resumed as normal. Part of what has made this week so hard is that both of us have been battling sickness for the past week. Makes the work very difficult, especially when I'm the only one who knows anyone and where people live. But the work moves ahead as always! 

Nothing all too exciting happened this week though.. The ward had a Valentines Day party and that was WAY funny! I'm getting to the point where I can understand humor in Tagalog and I just love joking with everyone! They played these hilarious games at the party and that was actually a good time. Tagalog is slowly taking over my vocabulary. Like yesterday I couldn't remember the word "hammock" because all I could remember was the Tagalog word "duyan." Strangest feeling in the world. I've also lost just about all of my German. I could barely remember how to say good morning! Haha I was sad at first, but then I realized how much Tagalog I can speak and I was totally fine with it. 

We also did a Zone CSP (Community Service Project) this week and that was way cool! We went to this one persons house and just did what ever they needed, which mostly involved us carrying large bags of cement up three flights of stairs. I did a lot of lifting! haha We were all just sweating so much and it all mixed in with the dirt and dust and cement on our skin... I felt so disgusting.. It was nice to hang out with the entire zone though! We have some really cool Elders and Sisters in it! My lolo (grandpa) is also my Zone Leader. He was the trainer of Elder Ehlert! I also learned that my family tree of trainers is quite extensive. We have a way big family tree haha So that's fun. 

This week is looking to be good as well! Elder Oana's birthday is actually today! Turning 21! And then we have mine on Friday. Should be exciting. Not really sure what we will do to celebrate, but maybe someone will have us over for dinner. 

I had a way cool experience this week with one of our LA's (less active's). I have always been sorta troubled about how exactly to "follow the Spirit." It never really made sense to me, but I know now EXACTLY what that means. We were in this guys house and it was the first time that we have ever visited there while he has been home. We were just going to see how he was doing and then teach a little bit of the Restoration, but I had this strong impression that I needed to share something about prayer, so I pulled out 2nd Nephi 32:8-9 because I just had this feeling that he might not feel "worthy" enough to pray. I then found my opportunity to share it after Elder Oana asked how his relationship with God was on a % scale from 1-100. He answered 20% and I took my opportunity. I shared the scripture and talked about prayer for a few minutes. Just about how much of a blessing it is that the most powerful being in the UNIVERSE wants to hear from us personally and how we have this ability to ask Him any question we want and receive an answer through the Holy Ghost. I finished and he looked at me and just said, "Thank you, that is exactly what I needed." He then went on to explain about his life and just that he had forgotten that we have this divine connection with our Father in Heaven and the knowledge and guidance we can receive from it. It was just so cool to hear those words, "That is exactly what I needed." I just know that it wasn't me that was the one who decided to share that with him. I received that prompting from an outside source. From the Holy Ghost. 

I'm so thankful to be doing this work and for the help that we can all receive from our Father. We need only ask. 

I love you all! Have a great week.

Elder Krueger

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