Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This Week...

This week was pretty normal actually.. Like we did missionary stuff anddddddddd that was about it. We went to SM (Super Mall) last P Day and there was the BIGGEST Forever 21 I've ever seen in my life! I had to go in just so I could brag to Audrey and Xandra! Haha So ya, that was good.
 What else.... Oh! I REALLY miss poptarts!!! Like crazy amounts! Elder Ehlert got a few boxes from his family and MAN are those thinks good! They had this cupcake flavor... Oh my gosh. To die for. And the don't sell poptarts ANYWHERE in the Philippines! Like it makes me so sad! But ya, I'm just missin some food type stuff from home right now! Haha (Do you think maybe he is putting in a plug for someone to send him some Poptarts??) 

Elder Ehlert and I are trying to look for more Less Actives in our work because then ones we are teaching aren't really progressing at all. We found this one family that had this crazy old grandma lady living with them. It was priceless. She was like the super stereotypical crazy lady. Short and deaf and blind with all this white hair. The glasses that she was wearing were like contraction super magnified ones that made her look all the more crazy. We got there and the lady who was taking care of this old woman was just super nice. She talked to us and then, whenever she'd want the old lady to hear, she'd stand up and literally scream into her ear. The first time she did it Elder Ehlert and I just started cracking up. It was seriously like we had stepped into some sorta of comedy show, except it was real. I dunno, that's about the only thing that's happened this week.

 Oh ya! We had transfers this last week. Of course, I stay here because I'm still in training, but other people were transferred. Our ZL's came up with these hilarious stories about where people were going and stuff. One of them was like, "One day Elder (I forget his name) got up and rode his flaming Magmar (a pokemon) over to (the place he was assigned to) so that he could battle his rival (his companions name)" Ya... It's funnier when you actually could here them...and know the Elder they're talking about...and actually know what a Magmar is... but ya! They were all super funny and then they got to me and Elder Ehlert. "Elder Ehlert and Elder Krueger became best friends so they decided to stay together." YUP! That's it! It was like SO anticlimactic! haha SUCH a lame story! 

But ya, oh well. I''m having a blast here in the Philippines and love the work! I'm excited for when I can actually speak the language, but I still have a lot of fun. I love you all back home! Thanks for all the support!

Elder Krueger

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